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Τechnical office - Tsarouhas Elias at Istiaia Evia

The Technical Office Tsarouchas Elias and Partners in Istiaia Evia,was founded in 2003 with the subject issuing building permits, Survey and resorts residences construction, hotels, rented apartments etc.

Then the development office followed cooperation with banking institutions in the buildings sector valuations.

Afterwards the office in 2005 expanded into the area of NSRF(ΕΣΠΑ) studies granting businesses in tourism services, processing & commerce.

Nowadays the Office has been oriented to legalizing no legal constructions and uses and the issuance of energy certificates (EPCs) and thermofacade.

The development of the office resulted in the recruitment of staff, cooperating with suppliers, contractors and other specialties of engineers.

Besides the purpose of business is to innovate in developing new quality products and services.

On the other hand fundamental goal is to satisfy customer needs with respect to the environment and urban legislation. In addition the design of buildings based on the Sustainable Architecture for a minimum consumption of heat-cooling, lighting.

Finally, we add value to our products and services with low prices (value for money).